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How Nigeria can gain from ‘witchcraft’ conference – (Organisers)

The coordinators of the dubious meeting on black magic have clarified the purposes for the gathering and how could pick up from it.

The two-day gathering started on Tuesday at the University of , Nsukka (UNN), Enugu, South-East , regardless of the underlying dissent and dangers from Christian people group inside and outside the school.

It is sorted out by B.I.C Ijomah Center for Policy Studies and Research, University of , Nsukka.

The middle is going by Egodi Uchendu, an educator of history and global investigations in UNN.

Ms Uchendu, in her invite comments, said the gathering would research and “fundamentally assess” the faith in black magic to discover what sway it has on the Nigerian culture.

“Aside from gossipy tidbits about black magic, can we keenly talk about the wonder of black magic? Would we be able to outline its advancing elements, particularly with respect to human and cultural improvement? What does faith in black magic symbolize for regular people, the military, government officials, researchers and others?

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“This meeting, consequently, looks to ‘decide in addition to other things the clarity of black magic’, the rules that support it and the effect it has on human life, society and progress,” she said.

“Numerous people in various pieces of Nigeria have been dealt with severely in 21st Century Nigeria in view of black magic related allegations.

“A week ago, a minister of the Catholic Church related that one of his progression moms was singed alive by virtue of black magic allegation. A young lady, looking for an easygoing activity, in an office in the University of Nigeria, had her case tossed out in light of the fact that she had shared that she was blamed for being a witch by a relative; the then Head of Department would not think about her supplication for the activity on becoming aware of this allegation.

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“Comparative instances of this flourish surrounding us. Also the way that charms and charmers have been remembered for both the weapons store and the mechanism for freely fighting with banditry in a state like Zamfara and Boko Haram under the appearance of the Joint Task Force. This, maybe, might be tied down on the proposition by the Chief of Army Staff that, I quote “Boko Haram and the preferences can’t be vanquished by motor military fighting alone.”

Ms Uchendu said Nigerians have for a really long time disregarded black magic as an issue, but then it has persevered, “even as individuals implore against witches and wizards”.

“The way that this issue has continued in our general public up to the present day is proof that the procedure of petition, alone, isn’t sufficient to battle the difficulties of faith in black magic,” she said.

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She said a college framework has an errand to help in “setting up the ideological engraving of a people”.

Ms Uchendu, while saying something regarding the discussion about the propriety or generally of facilitating the gathering, said the B.I. C. Ijomah Center wants to be a leader examine focus to “incite scholarly reflections that guide the forming of musings and the improvement of a star positive formative mentality in Nigeria and Africa”.

She said the middle isn’t ready to deal with pre-decided principles.

On the impact of the restriction against the gathering, she said the middle was approached to change the title on the meeting flag and that the keynote speaker pulled back from the meeting, following the fights and perplexity.

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